The 7 Most Ineffective Diet Ever Invented

The Paleo DietAccording to the IFIC or International Food Information Council, almost half of the population in America uses some kind of weight loss diet plan. It’s no wonder why different kinds of diet plans seem to come out of nowhere.

Experts say that a diet plan that can truly help a person lose weight and keep it that way is something that is still satisfying, healthy and easy to follow.

However there are also diet plans that do not have those characteristics:

1. The Paleo Diet

Contrary to those diets that refrain a person from eating meat, this one is the exact opposite – because this diet only includes red meat. No white meat, no vegetables. However, it’s not surprising that it landed on the World Report’s worst weight loss survey since it’s actually ineffective, hard to follow and can result to heart problems.

2. A Gluten-Free Diet

Going gluten-free on your diet may be good for those with celiac disease (gluten intolerance) but not for weight loss. In fact most gluten-free snack are pumped up with extra sugar, fat and preservatives that is why it’s even more fattening than the usual snacks.

3. Blood Type Diets

It was a recent diet fad claiming that there is a corresponding type of food that’s right for a particular blood type. And eating the right type of food for your blood type can help you lose and maintain your ideal weight. However, there are a number of studies that still found no evidence to prove that his idea can actually work or at least give the doer even a little result in this kind of eating plan.

4. Master Cleanse

Some may have really experienced some effect upon eating nothing but lemon-water for 10 or more days. Who wouldn’t if you’re starving yourself? However, expert says that even if this diet can give you fast result, the damage that it can do to your body is also apt to occur not to mention the fact that it will all go back as fast as it took to lose it the moment you stopped doing it and start eating again.

5. The Baby Food Diet

A diet that involves 10 to 15 servings (in jars) of baby food is a clear marketing tactic, don’t you think? I mean, you can’t say that baby foods can make you lose weight but the idea of proper proportion. Baby foods are made to help baby’s get the nutrients to help them grow, so gobbling on jars of it can definitely result in a grown baby… well, in an adult case, that’s definitely a humungous calorie intake.

6. The Dukan Diet

This was created by a French doctor, Pierre Dukan, and is also a diet that is said to have helped Kate Middleton slim down in time or her wedding. The Dukan diet is known as a diet plan that focus only on 100 different types of foods and a system that should follow four stages: 1. Attack, 2. Cruise, 3. Consolidation, and 4. Stabilization.

But no matter how famous it is right now (thanks to Kate) experts still see it as something that can be quite difficult to follow so the chance of doing it wrongly is possible which can affect the desired The Paleo Diet1outcome.

7. The Raw Food Diet

The name actually says it all. This diet involves uncooked, unprocessed and practically organic vegetables because they believe that natural food contains that many nutrients which is usually destroyed when cooked. Nutrients can then make the body not only healthy but fit as well. However, experts believe that it is only possible to see favorable results upon using this kind of diet only if followed correctly since it is also possible to for the person to deprive himself of some other nutrients that the body also needs.